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Sprint Activities List

Wine tasting - 35€

We get picked up by bus and we dive deeper into the unique style of how wine is produced on Lanzarote.

Choose four of your favourite styles from a portfolio of wines.

A bite of artisanal cheese and charcuterie will accompany your personalized tasting. The experience takes about 60 minutes.

Vulcano hike - free

A classic of Ocean Sprint. We leave the venue on foot for a 1.5h hike to the nearest vulcano with great views over the nearby tows and coastline.


Intro to surfing - 30€

Pickup by vans at the sprint venue and leave for Famara, the surfing mecca of Lanzarote. Two hours in the water with rented surfboard, wetsuits and surf coaching. Back by dinner.


Bonfire Night in the Desert - free

A night under the stars with a bonfire in the middle of a vulcano.

We'll go for dinner near the venue, then organize the transportation and each participants brings their own drinks&snacks.

Drumming - free

We'd like to offer you a group drumming session on-site on Monday or Tuesday with Karina, the drummer from The 3 Bridies.

The idea: an instrument for everybody, whether they know how to play it or not and we have 30min of fun under the guidance of Karina.

Originally from Argentina, Karina is our percussionist, playing congas and cajon, along with a variety of other percussion instruments in our live gigs, including, cymbals, chimes and rain stick among others. Karina is a teacher of percussion and a serial collector of percussion instruments, she brings a great flavour to our folk music.

Sailing with catamaran - 50€

Enjoy the ocean vibes and scenic views during a few hour catamaran excursion at sunset with drinks and tapas.

The Morning Dip - free

Meet at venue at 8AM, walk down to the beach for a quick swim, be back by 9AM breakfast time.

Yoga - free

Depending on the interest, a yoga teacher could come to the venue or we would go to the beach to strech.

Diving - ~100€

On October 7, 1993, Lanzarote was granted the prestigious status of a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, making it the second Biosphere Reserve in the Canary Islands.

We invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery as we delve into the remarkable underwater world of this biosphere. Lanzarote’s dive sites offer a unique opportunity to witness the diverse marine ecosystems that thrive in this protected area. From vibrant coral reefs to fascinating volcanic formations, each dive site holds its own charm and surprises.

Together, we can uncover the hidden treasures beneath the surface, encountering an abundance of marine life and experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of Lanzarote’s biosphere. Join us in exploring these remarkable dive sites and witness firsthand the wonders that make this island a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

We can organize try dives for those who have not dived before as well as guided dives for already certified divers. For those coming early and/or staying longer it is also an option to make dive certificates.

Bouldering - 12€

We get picked up by vans and go to a bouldering gym and stretch those fingers.

Submarine Excursion - 56€

A proper submarine experience that goes down to 30 meters, a geeky adventure underwater.

Bus transport is provided by the submarine company.

eMTB trip - 50€

A 3-hour electric mountain-bike trip to the top of Lanzarote, with amazing 360-degrees views followed by a 400 vertical-meters singletrack descent back to the sprint venue. @zupo's favorite after-work trail. Bikes rented from a nearby shop.

Experience needed.

e-bike trip - 40€

A 3 hour e-bike tour along the coastal pathway from Costa Teguise, through Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote, past the airport to Puerto del Carmen, and back.


Intro to Wing-foiling - 80€

Walk down to the beach and do a 1.5-hour intro lesson to the new sport of Wing-foiling at the local school.

Beginner friendly.

Intro to Windsurfing - 45€

Walk down to the beach and do a 1.5-hour intro lesson to the new sport of Windsurfing at the local school.

Beginner friendly.

Dawn patrol - free

Beat the crowds and experience pure Lanzarote surfing by joining @zupo/@domenkozar at locals-only spots around the island, while watching the Sun rise over the horizon.

Experience needed.

Go-kart Gran Prix - 50€

We get picked up by a bus and we do a private gran prix of 30 km of race in 23 laps.