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2022 November Sprint Report

Alejandro worked on jupiterWith and made an integration for He also made a starship module for devenv and worked with Max on NixPak. You can read his sprint report for more details.

Ryan, Niklas and Julian worked on bringing Secure Boot to NixOS and succeeded doing so, releasing lanzaboote.

Sander and Arian added a new virtualisation.rosetta module for virtualised NixOS guests on Apple silicon, which transparently translates x86_64 binaries through Rosetta.

David created drv-parts, which replaces callPackage, override, overrideAttrs, ... as a mechanism for configuring packages.

Andrea blogged about his sprint experience as he dove into Nix internals to better understand how *2nix language tooling works, which also resulted into a Nix improvement PR.

Peter set out to understand and extend the Nix language server nil with an initial goal to add code completion to the Nix builtins. He ended up with a fully set-up development environment for Nil, the ability to emit dummy code completions, and some understanding of the language server's data model.

Johannes added nodejs build system to dream2nix and created noogle.

Flo changed Nix to reverse stack trace order in Nix and added support for requirements.txt to dream2nix.

Jacek blogged about his experience and sponsoring of this event and how it brings people together.

Flokli worked on tvix-store protocol and explained in depth how it's designed and interoperability with the current APIs we have in Nix.

Robert sprinted on auto-merge support for Hercules CI.

Nejc & Domen teamed up on an old painpoint of testing shell sessions in markdown files. The result of the sprint is tesh 0.1 release that can now be used in devenv and!

Domen & Nejc